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Shipping update: unfortunately, now due in our store in early February due to big delays out of Singapore. Most frustrating and we apologise to those waiting. Thanks for your patience. We will keep you posted.

Sustainable. Biodegradable. Timeless.
The allure of natural fibres is not only in the texture, but is also in that everything is renewable, and fibres, which in some cases would otherwise have been wasted, are transformed into something gorgeously useful.

A wonderful natural woven rug has the potential to be an investment that keeps on giving. Combined with well-chosen furniture, textiles and your treasured items, it is often all that is needed to set off a room.

Natural floor coverings add a layer of comfort and warmth to entrance ways, halls and living spaces - often adding the special touch that turns a house into a home.


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Indian Cottons

Our famous hand-loomed Indian Cottons are still very much available from Annette Henry at The Measure, 241 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington, Phone 027 626 3006. Visit her store. She will be delighted to see you.


Please note:

Most of our natural floor rugs and mats are traditionally hand-woven in India in the manner carried out for centuries. As such they will often show inconsistencies in weave, texture, colour, etc. These are in the very nature, charm and character of the product and should not be seen as faults. Please be satisfied that these products match your requirements before purchasing. Thank you.