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What you should know about furnishing fabrics in Curtains, Blinds and Upholstery


  • All fabrics, regardless of the fibres and dyes used will deteriorate over time in direct or indirect daylight. However, most of the fabrics we sell are manufactured from the highest quality materials and, while no guarantee can be given for performance in NZ's extreme sunlight, they should give satisfactory service under normal conditions.
  • With curtains and blinds, and to give added protection from the effects of sunlight and condensation, a superior quality lining is always recommended
  • Leading edges of curtains are particularly vulnerable to sunlight degradation. To minimise this effect curtains should be swapped from side to side periodically.
  • Small weaving, dying and printing inconsistencies can be present in all fabrics. These are not faults but are in the very nature and beauty of textiles in general and should be seen as an integral part of their character, particularly in the case of hand-loomed cottons. However, if making something yourself please check your fabric carefully before cutting, or using, for actual faults or marks as we are unable to replace it once it has been cut or used.
  • While all care is taken in manufacture, dye-batch variations can occur. Samples of current stock are available on request.
  • Fabrics made from natural fibres that are not dyed may suffer 'after-bleaching' causing slight lightening or deepening of tone when exposed to natural light. This is a natural phenomenon, not confined to textiles, and should be expected.
  • Depending on fibre content and weave, there will always be some movement in curtain and blind length due to temperature and moisture conditions. This is normal with natural fibres such as cotton and linen. If you have any concerns please ask us for more details.
  • Any alterations can be made for a small charge.
  • To maintain and protect the life of your furnishings regular vacuuming will remove dust and dirt particles, and help reduce the need for laundering. As with any fabric article, regular laundering can reduce the life and appearance of an item. Drycleaning is recommended, with caution, for all furnishings, but should only be undertaken when necessary, and should always be discussed with the drycleaner with regard to possible fabric movement.
  • Please ask us if you have any concerns about the above.
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