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Natural Floor Rugs & Mats

SUSTAINABLE, BIO-DEGRADABLE, TIMELESS - Every day living made easy!

Hand-woven Floor Rugs and Mats from nature's own store; that's as good as it gets! Feel the texture beneath your feet and enjoy the rich tones of these wonderful, natural fibres anywhere in your home. Coir and jute mats are also great for utility areas such as the laundry, tool shed and workshop, and our traditional doormats keep the outdoors outside.

We have a wide range of sizes and styles in coir (coconut husk), jute and wool, and all are hand-made from sustainable, bio-degradable fibre.

Purchase through our Rugs & Mats CATALOGUE below. We ship anywhere in NZ, FREE for orders over $100. Please CONTACT us if you have any enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Unfortunately, we’re still caught up in the massive world-wide delays and shambles in sea freight and it now looks as though our new consignment is delayed until late January. Very frustrating and we do apologise to those of you who are waiting for out-of-stock mats or rugs. We will keep you posted.

Please note: Most of our natural floor rugs and mats are traditionally hand-woven in India in the manner carried out for centuries. As such they will often show inconsistencies in weave, texture, colour, etc. These are in the very nature, charm and character of the product and should not be seen as faults. Please be satisfied that these products match your requirements before purchasing. 
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