Here's a quick and easy look through our collection of rugs and mats that are sure to inspire you in creating a warm and inviting space in your home. Whether you're looking to create a cozy reading nook, define a dining area, or simply add texture to your living room, our rugs and mats offer endless possibilities. Click on any of the photos to find out more details and discover the many ways you can incorporate these versatile pieces into your home decor.


Greek Flokati Wool RugDeck Weave Jute MatCabin Weave Jute MatRipple Weave Jute MatWool and Jute RugsCabin Weave Jute MatWarehouse - open once a month and by appointmentCoir Door MatRipple Weave Jute RugJute is a natural fibre and has been used in textile production for thousands of years.Ripple Weave Jute MatWarehouse - open once a month and by appointmentCoir MatFrench Weave Jute MatOur famous Gin ChairRipple Weave Jute MatFlokati Wool Rug - RoundCoir Door MatsWool and Jute RugWool and Jute RugsRound Shaker Weave Jute MatHandwoven for us in IndiaChunky Herringbone Weave Jute RugsRipple Weave Jute MatFrench Weave Jute RunnerOur famous Gin Chair and tableCoir MatWool and Jute RugFrench Weave Jute MatCabin Weave Jute RugsCoir Door MatCoir Mats - Great for utility areasHandwoven in IndiaFrench Weave JuteRolls of Chunky Herringbone Jute RugsDeck Weave Jute Mat